A year in the garden at Yew Tree Cottage

Annexe Yew Tree Cottage

The year 2017 is now over.  We have enjoyed welcoming  our guests at The Annexe Yew Tree Cottage near Bath and Bristol.  It is now time to look forwards to what you can expect in a year in the garden at Yew Tree Cottage.

Late winter at Yew Tree Cottage

January is always a quiet month.  It is, however ideal to admire the countryside surrounding the Annexe at Yew Tree Cottage.  The morning frost spreads its magic on the fields, brushes and trees.  In February, the nature starts to come to life again.  The snowdrops show their white heads.  Soon the lawn at the back of the Annexe is covered with a white carpets of flowers.  Later the snowdrops and daffodils follow.

Spring at Yew Tree Cottage

The border behind the Annexe is beautiful in the Spring with the purple and white hellebore.  The pots around the property are also magnificent wit tulips and other spring flowers.  The plum tree on the lawn always blooms early and if we do not get a late frost, we will be rewarded with gorgeous, juicy plums in July.

Spring flowers at the Annexe Yew Tree Cottage

Daffodils and tulips in the garden at the Annexe Yew Tree Cottage

As Easter comes, the daffodils are starting to fade and we are looking  the next flowers to come through.  Peonies are my favourite.  The pink and white flower heads are so perfumed that we love brushing against them as we walk around the garden.

A lot of birds visit the garden all year around. From the England’s favourite bird,: the robin to blue tits,  great tits, gold, bull and green finches , the little wren and both type of woodpeckers.   We provide our guests with binoculars and bird guidebooks.  This gives you an opportunity to observe them as they gather on the bird-table.

In the greenhouse, we start growing most of our plants and seeds.  It certainly is a very busy time of year.

The fruit trees in the garden and the field are covered in blooms and the bees are getting active.   The chickens in the fields are starting to lay and our guests always enjoy their eggs for breakfast.

Summer at Yew Tree Cottage

The days are getting longer and warmer.  The geraniums and begonias are now in-situ in pots and borders.  The garden is a riot of colours.  The field is growing fast and the butterflies enjoy the grasses.  My attempt at growing wild flowers was quite successful last year and I managed a little corner and loved looking at the beautiful daisies, poppies and cornflowers.  Bees and bumblebees are busy gathering nectar.  Our guests enjoy wandering around the garden and admire the flowers, bushes as well the vegetables.  Tomatoes, courgettes are plentiful and are often given to our guests in our welcome pack.

Towards the end of the Summer, still with lots of vegetable still around, the asters, dahlias and Michaelmas  daisies are starting to flower and will do so until the first frosts.

Autumn at Yew Tree Cottage

I love the Autumn.  We are enjoying the apples and pears from the garden. The trees are starting to turn gold and red and are looking gorgeous.    The sunsets are spectacular too and you are certainly mesmerised by all these colours.  We are storing our root vegetables.  I make chutney and jam and get ready for another year.

Winter at Yew Tree Cottage

Annexe Yew Tree Cottage

The fieldfares and and redstarts are arriving and enjoy gorging themselves on the apples  that we leave for them in the orchard..  The thrushes also love pecking the crab apples and holly berries which are plentiful at the moment.  We are also getting ready for Christmas, collecting mistletoe from the tree, holly and ivy as well as fir.  We have planted  bulbs, pansies and heather.  Now we are ready to sit indoors reading our gardening magazines and planning another Year in the garden at Yew Tree Cottage

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