Magical Snow

A surprise week-end

Last few days of Autumn with golden leaves still on the tree and you wake up in the morning to discover a snowy landscape outside. It is amazing how quiet and peaceful it is as no cars have ventured down the lane. Our guests are leaving that day and they are not too worried about driving back home. They are delighted to discover our garden in the snow.

Armed with my camera, I decided to venture in the garden and take some pictures. I love our garden and enjoy walking around it every morning whatever the weather but I must admit that this was a magical moment.

We had nearly a week while the snow stayed on the ground and with temperature getting as low as -7, the landscape stayed beautiful. Nothing can equal nature really!

We had a few walks around the village and further afield. Once you wrap up warm and have good walking shoes, it is very pleasant and certainly keep you fit. At the end, we sat by the fire in a lovely pub and enjoyed a drink.

It is rather unusual to have snow in this area that we made the most of it and it makes staying in the Annexe a memorable experience. With Christmas around the corner, there are lots of things to discover locally and with the snow it certainly was an added bonus.

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