What a year so far at Yew Tree Cottage!

Today it is raining!  I must say that for once I do not mind the rain.  We have had very few days of rain since June and the farmers are certainly welcoming the rain.  The first time it rained in August was during the balloon fiesta which was taking place in Bristol at the beginning of the month.  It was the first rain after nearly six weeks of glorious weather. I know that it is pretty common to talk about the weather but this year has been exceptional!

A year so far: January and February

These month were wet, wet.  We needed wellington boots to venture in the garden and the field s around us.

A year so far: MarchAnnexe Yew Tree Cottage

The beat from the East struck at the beginning of the month.  I had never seen so much snow in a very long time.  our lane was even quieter than usual.  The landscape was beautiful.  The snow and cold lasted for about a week.  We enjoyed staying in the warmth  and planning for the Summer.  We were a little worried about the garden as we had seedlings and plants in the greenhouse.  Plants are resilient and as one of our greenhouses is heated and we did not lose anything apart from a small banana plant.  The plum tree and a peach tree suffered as well.  We did not get any plums this year.

A year so far: April

That was another wet month and quite cold as well.  We were quite desperate to go in the garden and start sowing and planting vegetable.  I also wanted to get my pots ready for the Summer. May arrived and the weather changed!

A year so far: May

We had sunny days and some rain as well.  Towards the end of the month, we enjoyed a lot of sunshine and warmth.

A year so far: June, July, August

Annexe Yew Tree cottage

We had the best months ever.  The Summer was glorious.  Temperature reached 30 degrees.  It was  too hot for gardening but the pots look amazing ablaze with flowers.  Our guests in the Annexe enjoyed the sunshine.  It was so nice for them to be able to read or drink wine under the trees, sunbathing or alfresco dining in the garden.

A year so far: September

Another beautiful month!  We have been busy with collecting tomatoes, raspberries and vegetable from the garden.  The figs have also been great this year.  This is the month for making preserves and freezing our excess vegetable.

People have enjoyed the sunshine.  They have enjoyed sitting by the river or in the parks in Bath or the harbour in Bristol.  Now that October is here and with a promise of more nice  weather until November, What is in store for us this Winter and next year? Why not come and see for yourself at the Annexe Yew Tree Cottage?